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Work with me | The Soul Essence


By working with flower remedies, you gain a deeper knowledge of your true self and bring awareness to your conscious mind so you can HEAL emotional wounds, resolve self-sabotaging patterns, and release limiting beliefs.

Descending into your body and spanning your spirit, the heightened vibration of the flowers lift your own vibration, gently removing negative emotions and dismissing harmful mental states that cause you dis-ease. With an elevated energetic vibration, you naturally — with strength and courage — shift and release old traumas trapped inside. You harmonize your emotions, mental state, and physical stamina. You experience healing in all aspects of your physical being and spirit.

You become aware of things — things that perhaps once served you but now hold you back. You gain the power, freedom, and mindfulness to implement positive changes that will generate a higher vibrational frequency of love and grace.

All this occurs in subtle yet profound ways, leading you to your TRUTH by distilling lessons of your past, dissolving limiting beliefs trapped in your subconscious, and freeing up the space your soul needs to express itself authentically.


My intention with this gentle body of work is to bring your mind, body, and soul back into harmony with your true essence so you can LIVE the life you desire.

Together we will examine your past and the challenges you face in the present.

We will address issues of emotional well-being and soul development, setting goals so you can move into the future freely.

Getting clear on your intentions is very important. Quite often, we find ourselves living in the past rather than in the present moment. We have accumulated ideas impressed upon us by our parents, schooling, friends, and socio-cultural environment. Not only have we accumulated these ideas, we have held onto them! While these ways of being may have been necessary and useful in the past, they commonly leave us stagnant in the present, estranging us from our true identity.

Without total freedom of self-expression, we — as women — end up suffering emotionally and physically. Enter in the epidemics of modern women: anxiety, depression, body image issues, menstrual cycle difficulties, insecurities, and fears.

In all the years of my spiritual search to find freedom from my emotional pain, it was the magic of Flower Essences that brought light to my life. Now, I am thrilled to share them with you.

I am continually amazed by how gracefully flower essences facilitate the changes your
mind + body and spirit need in order to express
the full-bodied spirit of your true self.

By living from your TRUTH, you will learn how to set boundaries, learn to say NO when necessary for you, and learn to make mindful, intentional choices that truly feel good and honor your body. You will learn to trust in yourself fully.

flower essences can assist with

  • Balancing hormones and resolving infertility
  • Identifying your life purpose and direction
  • Breaking through blockages
  • Overcoming ANXIETY
  • Generating joy, happiness, and peace of mind
  • Navigating life TRANSITIONS (e.g. motherhood)
  • Releasing old, repetitive patterns Creative blocks
  • Grounding and protecting your energy
  • Pregnancy & Parenting
  • Healing eating disorders
  • Releasing worry, fear, and stress
  • Balancing the chakras
  • Improving self-worth
  • Clearing trauma from the mind and body
  • Trusting your intuition

If gaining freedom resonates within your Heart + Soul, and if YOU
desire to work with the 

divine healing power of flower essences,

here is how we can work together:

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