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Reclaim your balance | The Soul Essence


Reclaim your

B  A  L  A  N  C  E


This one time session is for you if:

  • You feel out of balance: As a consequence you feel irritable, tired physically and mentally.
  • You feel frustrated.
  • You have lost your Mojo.
  • You are not making the right decisions, your mind is not clear,  you feel at odds custom writting in your day to day life.
  • You desire to feel connected once again with yourself.
  • You want to feel more grounded, more calm and inspired.
Before I tried flower essences, I was feeling very unbalanced,

Flower Essences can be a great tool to reach at times where you feel that you are hitting  a road block, it ca be a creative block, a writers block, lack of energy, a deep sense of overwhelm.

Very quickly they can help you feel more like yourself again, rooting you in the present, clearing what broadforks is keeping you unbalance and increasing and boosting your energy.


Together we will take an in depth look to your present life.

I will hold a safe space for you to unravel your story.
I will meet you right were you are.

We will look at your overall mental, physical, emotional,, soul/spirit health, your relationships, your dreams, and how you relate with the world.

As part of my approach I will also suggest using soul searching tools such as:
journaling, meditation, ho essence.

After your session I will tune in and customize a flower essence formula that will support your healing and bringing you closer to how you want to feel.

You will receive it within a phew days of our consultation.

What you will receive:

1:1 session – one time via Skype, face to face or FaceTime.

1 personalized blend of flower essence remedies.

Unlimited email support.

An optional refill for 22$ with a slight change on the essences.

Single session cost $69    BUY IT HERE

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