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About | The Soul Essence

T  H  I  S     M  I  G  H  T     B  E     Y  O  U

Do you feel stuck, paralyzed, or unable to make your dreams reality?

Do you feel detached professional custom writing from the present moment, as if life is passing before your eyes and you
have little power or freedom to choose your own path?

Do you feel trapped by self-sabotaging thought like, “I’ not ______ enough”, “I don’t
deserve ______”, or “I need to be more ______”?

Do you desperately to let go of fear, stress, self-doubt, and anxiety?

Maybe you feel disconnected from tour authentic self, your intuition,
and your soul.

Maybe you want clarity, direction and true freedom.

I get best juicer on the market you, I wanted the same things! I know exactly how it feels and I am here
to tell you that
there is a way to reclaim balance and harmony in your life.

What hold us back from all that we desire so deeply are the choices we make every day, present moment to present moment.

I have found that the fastest and yet gentlest way to liberate ourselves, to unveil our purest desires, and to create space that allows for those desires to manifest, is with Flower Essences.

They – like nothing else – can transform our fears, obstacle and self-limiting beliefs by replacing them with the virtues of our soul.

Flower Essences facilitates us in accessing the power to reclaim our desires, giving us the courage to take action.

My mission is to guide you in living your life courageously, completely fulfilled and aligned with your true self.

My invitation is for you to reconnect with your authentic self.

My desire is for you to recognize and celebrate that you are prefect, whole, and complete, that your soul essence radiant and free.

I am passionate about supporting women who are ready to unearth their true essence. Women who are brave and willing to look within for the answers that their souls and bodys have been holding onto, waiting to be discovered. Women who want to transform their lives form the inside-out.

My journey…

I have walked the path of self liberation and followed my own healing journey. I have tried many healing modalities. I went to psychotherapists, acupuncturists, and herbalists, crystal healers, reiki masters, psychics, and shamans. Although they were an important part of my path towards healing, none brought me closer to my True Self like the Flower Essences.

My first encounter with Flower Essence was in the year of 2006. At that time I was living in Buenos Aires and I felt lonely, isolated, and very confused about my life direction. I knew that there was a reason why I felt the way I did, but I didn’t know how to remember how to be me again.

At that time I was facing challenges, difficult transitions and deep internal turmoil that led me to a Flower Essences therapist. He worked with the Australian Bush Essences and after testing my chakras with a pendulum and engaging me in a much  needed deep and honest conversation he gave me my first Flower Essence formula.

Suddenly, my inner landscape started to shift, my life became colored and full of hope and new opportunities entered into my life; traveling to Costa Rica, falling in love and within two years I found my self moving to California where a would start a new life.

It took me many more year before I would finally be ready. My soul needed to continue to heal.

During the final years before I would begin studying and practicing to become a flower essence healer, I felt a strong calling to connect with the cycles of nature, specifically with the cycle of the moon. I devoured every bit of information I could find from books, blogs, podcasts and documentaries (to name just a few sources) and slowly began to implement the knowledge and tools I was gaining so I could heal my painful menstrual cycles, acne, infertility and fatigue.

The closer and more intimate I became with this new way of leaving, by reclaiming the knowledge and the ways of the feminine and by using earth medicine as my catalyst, I became more like myself.

I could see with clarity and peace of mind that all that had happened to me in my life was for my own soul’s evolution, and I believe that the same applies to you.

After all the research and healing work I have done, I can tell you with true honesty that my healing journey with the flower essences catapulted me into finding and living the best version of myself.

My menstrual problems are no longer affecting me the way they did before. I have easy, smooth cycles. My skin has cleared up almost entirely after years and years of unruly, eruptive breakouts. I have let go of limiting beliefs, increased my self-esteem, forgiven my stories, found my purpose and discovered a meaningful life direction, all with the help of flower  remedies.

Back to you ….

I am here to guide, inspire, and support you in your journey of unfolding into the most vibrant expression of your true Self.

I know it can be scary to walk the path of self-liberation, but it doesn’t have to be so hard when we have gift from mother nature to support the healing of our souls.
It is my honor and greatest desire to share with you how to heal and transform your life using this sacred healing modality.

When you feel ready to learn more about how we can work together these are my OFFERINGS to you:

Soul Transformation Journey; Find your Balance.
With Love + Light


I will love to connect with you and get to know each other a little further.

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